Children Sponsorships / Donations

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A son not yours, in the other side of the world%u2026
Every day thousands of children die for loss of water, food, sanitary assistance; many of those children get outcasted, left along the streets, without the possibility of a school education, some others get involved in the infant exploitation. Unfortunately many of them are not allowed to live a %u201CCHILD LIFE%u201D still today. With the child sponsorship in our centres and our %u201COpera Don Guanella%u201D houses, we give them the possibility to have food, sanitary assistance, clothes, school education and, above all, much love.

Blood sons and heart sons
Sponsoring a child means opening ourselves to the others with a sign of solidarity, creating a link between very different people, cultures and worlds. This lets the person growing up in his capability to love and enlarges heart and mind, making a change in the mentality, a revision of our lifestyle and the discovery of what is really essential.

Sponsoring a child
Child sponsorship is a great sign of love, not only of bounty. It is a form of help, to give a child in serious poverty conditions and far from us, a sustain for his physical, cultural and moral growth, in order to allow him living happy in a dignified way.

Economic commitment
Child sponsorship funds help child%u2019s subsistence: it is %u20AC 360.00 for an entire year, even if the real expense would be much higher. The installments can be montly, bimestral, quarterly or yearly. The sponsorship can last one or more years, according on the possibilities of the person who sponsors.

A %u201CMoral%u201D sponsorship
It doesn%u2019t change anything on the juridical layer, nor introduces any bond between the person who sponsors and the child, producing only links between the hearts.

Not only the children
Child sponsorship can even regard young, disabled, adults, old people or a family needing an economical help for a dignified life.

What are you waiting for%u2026sponsor
In order to sponsor a child or having more informations, contact us at the number 06/65753144, write an email to or fill this form.