The Good Samaritan Home situated at Adidome in the Volta Region of Ghana, is a centre for the rehabilitation and sustenance of adolescents with intellectual impairments. Determined to expand the frontiers of our mission and apostolate, we the Congregation of the Servants of Charity began this centre as an extension of the existing St. Theresa and St. Agnes centres at Abor and Weme respectively, in 2011. The most common difficulty faced by person with intellectual disabilities is the rejection of the society and even close relatives. Some roam the streets begging to survive and others are consigned to extreme hard labour. This centre aims at alleviating the miseries of such persons and provides a suitable platform for adequate reintegration into the society. We also provide them with necessary human needs (shelter, food, clothing, basic education, skill acquisition, etc.) and religious formation, in line with our founder%u2019s injunction of giving %u2018Bread and the Lord%u2019 to the most abandoned of the society. Presently the Good Samaritan Home has two sectors of activities; namely: Carpentry (wood work) and Agriculture. With the facilities available, we engage them in the different activities depending on the potential of each individual. This is aimed at enhancing their working ability and fostering independency. The centre at the present has the capacity to accommodate fifty adolescents with intellectual disabilities. However, we have ten inmates in the centre and we are still open for admission. This centre is managed by the Catholic Congregation of the Servants of Charity, present in Ghana but the success of this project depends on the unreserved benevolence of individuals like you. We are all called to love and extend helping hands to our neighbours in need through your continuous supports. You can be part of this project of charity.

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