The Centre has the following facilities:

  • Administration building
  • Three classroom blocks for a total of ten (10) classrooms including computer, board loom weaving, radio/TV electronics servicing, dressmaking, and tailoring workshops
  • Physiotherapy department, with three rooms for patients
  • Dining hall and kitchen
  • Boys and girls dormitories
  • Chapel
  • Two senior staff houses
  • Four junior staff houses
  • Orthopaedic workshop
  • Assembly hall
  • Library
  • Social welfare office
  • One exhibit room
  • Infirmary

Self-Helped Structures

  • Family House
  • Poultry
  • Farm
An advisory Board for the Centre has been instituted to advise the management in general policy matters. The Board has eleven members including The Superior of the Centre, Director, Supervisor and the Administrator. It doesn’t have a formal status. The Board meets three, four times in a year.
The Parent Teachers Association has been formed to safeguard the involvement of the parents and teachers in the operations of the Centre. The Association meets at least three times a year.
The Old Students association, which started last year, has presented last month of November its Constitution to fully operate in favour of the old students of the Centre.

House activities

  • Seminarists training for Ghana-Nigeria and candidates for Ghana
  • Students/disabled 120 (85 internal and 35 external)

St. Agnes Vocational Training Centre - Weme - Abor

  • Professional School (40 able girls)