St. Agnes


History of St. Agnes V.T.C.

Saint Agnes Vocational Training Centre, is an Educational Institution established in 1974 at Abor-Weme, Volta Region, in the Keta-Akatsi Diocese of Ghana, West-Africa. The genesis of the Vocational Training Centres in Keta Ho Diocese found it source in the compassion with and care for the village youth who had no means to enter in any formal education.
The vision was to offer this youth employable skills, and introduce, and subject them on their level to the production and marking of their products.
It all started in the beginning of 1973 when Ms. L.C.H Dorge met Sister Gabriel at the Sacred Heart Clinic at Weme-Abor. This sister was in charge of the C.Y.O. Both went to His Lordship A. Koonings, Bishop of Ho Diocese to share ideas and seek his approval. In the transit period, Bishop Francis A.K. Lodonu embraced the plan wholeheartedly. Miss L.C.H. Dorge begin a Social worker started to co-operate with the Ministry of Social Welfare. The Centre started with eight trainees. The practical approach was our success. Accidentally we heard from NVTI and the possibility to sit for National Vocational Trade Test examination. After 18 months, all the trainees sat for NVTI examination grade II and all but one failed. Later she tried again and she too was successful.
More trainees wanted to join. With the help of a Dutch donor organization Cebemo and the Dutch Government we were able to build the first classroom block in Weme. Torgui Dallah Anini II of Weme donated the land. Bishop F.A.K. Lodonu advised me to ask for a second volunteer, she came in the person of Ms. Miek J.G. Stevens.


The Catholic Church has played a great role in the educational development in Ghana. In establishing St. Agnes V.C.T., the Church aims at:

  • Providing a post-basic educational facility for young ladies
  • Providing training facilities that help the trainees
  • Equipping the trainees with employable skills, which they can use to establish their own workshop or further their education
  • Providing congenial environment of trainees in good moral
  • Keeping the Catholic identity

Course Structure and Organization

Duration of the courses is 4 years, leading to N.V.T.I Grade I and II Certificate.
Apart from the subjects studied under each course are, Moral and Religious Education, English Language, Mathematics, Type writing and Information Technology.

Entry Requirements

  1. Junior High School Certificate
  2. Application
  3. Passing a qualifying entry test


Hostel facilities are available

Location and Contact


Tel. 024-3174013