Don Guanella Family House is a centre for the rehabilitation, sustenance and support of persons with intellectually challenged. The centre was established in September, 2009 sequel to the necessity to respond to the needs of persons who are intellectually challenged within the Region. Subsequently, the centre reached out to such categories of persons throughout the country and still desires to do more.
Don Guanella Family House is managed by the Religious community of the Servants of Charity in Abor, the Volta Region of Ghana. It is a Catholic Congregation of Priests, religious brothers and lay collaborators. The centre aims at restoring hope and adequately integrating the ‘Good Children’ (as St Luigi Guanella calls them) into the society. With a compassionate heart grounded on love, we as a family continuously guide the daily development and growth of these persons with intellectual challenges.
Presently, the centre accommodates twelve children with intellectual challenges, within the categories of Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Schizophrenia. In 2011, an extension of the centre took place in Adidome District, in a bid to reach out to more persons with such challenges. All these have been possible because of the support and generousity of Organisations, firms and individuals. We can do more if you support this unique project. currently the centre is recieving many applications, but we are not able to addmit them principally because of lack of accomodation and fund to sustain the children and provide all the necessary things they need. But we do hope that with you helping the conmmunity to do the good work, we will make a difference in our society.

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